President Obama has signed off on the plan, but lawmakers in Washington have not approved the 60 billion dollar Sandy aid package for New Jersey and New York yet.

David Matthau, Townsquare Media NJ

Governor Christie says he hopes and expects Congress to act very soon.

Governor Christie said, “I would hope that they get their act together long enough- for the Senate to vote today on the President’s package – send it to the House, and when the House comes back after Christmas, for them to vote on it and approve it before New Years…if federal lawmakers can’t even help Americans who have had their homes and their lives destroyed by a natural disaster, then they might as well just board the place up and close it down , cause they’re not doing any good for anybody - we’ll see what they do – I’m hopeful they’ll get their act together.”

He added if the aid package doesn’t win quick approval “it puts us in an awful position – we don’t have the money to rebuild our state – nor would any state that suffered 37 billion dollars in damage.  Governor Cuomo and I have been fair, patient and even tempered partners with the federal government in trying to rebuild this.  I suspect if we come to January first of 2013 without an aid package approved and aid flowing to our states.  I got a feeling they’ll see the other side of me and Andrew Cuomo.”

Mark Wilson, Getty Images

Christie also said “New Jersey is finally saying okay.  This is the time when you need to step up for the people who send more money to Washington and get less back than any other citizens of any other state.  You’re telling me you’re going to deny us assistance that we need?  They don’t want me on that soapbox yelling and screaming about that, now do they?”