On Tuesday, you'll find out just how far your tax dollars go. Governor Chris Christie is scheduled to deliver his Fiscal Year (FY) 2014 Budget Address before a special joint session of the legislature at the State House.

Governor Chris Christie delivers State of the State Address (Mark Wilson, Getty Images)

In these cash-strapped days, many are worried that important programs will see some serious cuts.

"I'm not too sure what we're going to hear tomorrow," explains Democratic Assembly Budget Committee chairman Vinnie Prieto. "I know we've heard a lot about (super-storm) Sandy. The State of the State Address was basically about Sandy and it didn't reflect the whole state, but I do understand that's issue number-one."

Prieto would like to hear Christie talk about the state's revenue shortfall. He says the state is over half-a-billion dollars in the red right now. The Assemblyman thinks spending cuts could be a major topic of Christie's speech.

"It potentially could, depending on how the revenues keep coming in and what's expected for next year," explained Prieto. "We want to make sure that the services the residents of New Jersey depend on every day are there for them."

GOP Lawmaker Defends Possible Cuts

Declan O'Scanlon is the ranking Republican on the Assembly Budget Committee. He says he hasn't been briefed on what Christie plans to propose tomorrow either, but he does know if spending cuts are proposed it will be done in a thoughtful and deliberative way.

"If we need some cuts, as has been the case with this Administration, there are no sacred cows," said O'Scanlon. "Everything will be on the table. Everything will be looked at and cuts will be made fairly and evenly if they're needed. If budget cuts are needed we're going to hear that. If they aren't we're going to hear that and the justification of that as well."

O'Scanlon is sure Christie will discuss any revenue shortfall the state is facing because he says any Governor would have to do that.