New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has a lot he'd like to accomplish with the legislature this fall, but he also says he's be out of the state campaigning around the country for the Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan ticket and for GOP gubernatorial candidates.

Democrats have taken to calling Christie the "Absentee Governor," but he insists that he's the guy in charge even when he's gone.

In elected Governor's absence, Lt. Governor and Secretary of State Kim Guadagno adds acting Governor to her list of titles.

Christie says "She and I have our plan on how we handle this stuff."

Maybe 20 years ago, governing a state while physically being in another state was more difficult, but this is 2012 and technology comes in handy for any chief executive who is on the road.

"The constitution technically has the Lt. Governor in charge, but you know I'm carrying the cell phone with me all the time," explains Christie. "If something's happening and they need me, you know I don't think it's like she'll (Guadagno) be not calling to consult so, you know you're always on the job."

The Governor adds, "The funny part of this is, you know when you're out of the state it's not like you're off."