This morning Governor Chris Christie was the featured speaker at the Brookings Institute in Washington, D.C. The themes were jobs, the economy, bi-partisanship and taxes. Christie told the national audience what he’s been telling Jerseyans since he signed the budget; he’s not thrilled that it doesn’t include a guaranteed tax cut and he’s ready to battle Democrats all summer long.

Christie says overall he’s happy with the Fiscal Year 2013 spending plan, but, “There’s one thing that did not happen that I think should’ve happened and we’re going to continue to talk about. That’s a tax cut for middle class New Jerseyans.”

The State Budget does include $183 million that’s been set aside to enact a tax cut in January if revenues hit the Governor’s targets. Democrats say that is the fiscally responsible thing to do.

“It’s kind of interesting that I hear this morning on my way in that the President is now going to propose today extending tax relief for middle class Americans,” says Christie. “Yet in New Jersey, despite promises that we’ve had for a tax cut to happen, that tax cut was left on the table.”

Christie says politics scuttled the tax cut deal he thought he had with Democrat leaders in the legislature.