Let's not kid ourselves for one, single second; the basketball program scandal at Rutgers University has damaged the school's reputation, but not beyond repair.

Governor Chris Christie addresses Rutgers scandal on Monday at the State House (Governor's Office/Tim Larsen)

That is the opinion of Governor Chris Christie.

America loves a great comeback story and we're big on second chances. The Governor is certainly rooting for the former and willing to give the latter. Christie was asked to assess the damage that has been done.

"Well, it's significant. You spend a week of time being at the top of the national news about your coach using homophobic slurs, screaming and yelling at players (and) physically assaulting them," says Christie. "That's not a good week."

The Governor scoffs at the idea that a winning basketball program will help rebuild the reputation at Rutgers. He's says it's not about sports right now.

"The fact is, it's damaging and there's no way of getting around that," explains Christie.

"That's not a good week. Believe me...It's certainly stuff that can be overcome and it can be overcome by further good acts, good deeds and good conduct by Rutgers which I believe will happen."

In the meantime, more questions are being raised about how Rutgers handled the discovery of former basketball coach Mike Rice who kicked players and used gay slurs as he yelled at them.

The university plans to hire an adviser to report on the behavior Rice and how the school dealt with it.

State lawmakers are calling for legislative hearings on the issue have asked Rutgers to hand over communications about the hiring and firing of Rice.

Christie says there will not be an Executive Branch probe into the scandal. He feels Rutgers is handling the situation internally.