One year ago Governor Christie outlined his proposals for public education reform in New Jersey.

Now, he's calling on the Legislature to act, reviving his infamous countdown clock during town hall meetings.

"60 Days To Deliver Tax Relief" was the theme of the governor's visit to Bergen County Wednesday, where over 400 people were in attendance, many turned away in the rain who had been waiting for hours.

"New Jerseyans deserve tax relief this year" said Christie. "This is going to be a fight I'm willing to take on."

The governor also focused a large portion of his speech on ending lifetime teacher tenure.

"It's nearly impossible to fire a bad teacher in this state. In Newark they have 70 teachers who they pay to be there but are not effective in the classroom, yet there is no way to get rid of them."

Christie said his argument is not with teachers, but with the NJEA, where he says all they require is teachers to show up in September for a pay raise.

"There is no evaluation for anyone" Christie said as a bell went off at the Rec Center. "That was the Union" he said to laughter.

He also focused on ending last in first out, and merit pay.

"Why shouldn't our children have the very best people standing in front of the classroom and why shouldn't those excellent teachers be paid on how good they are."

The governor also urged the legislature to end sick pay benefits for public officials and to pass his expansion of the drug court program to non-violent offenders.

"There are just 60 days remaining before the budget deadline, so the legislature is on the clock" said Christie.

"The governor can play all the silly games he wants with the clock, but the Assembly Democrats are focused on middle-class and senior citizen property tax relief, job creation and economic fairness for hard working families" said Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver (D-Essex/Passaic.)


Courtesy Governor's Office