Governor Christie held his 90th town hall in Monmouth County today, where he urged the legislature to move ahead on his middle-class reform agenda.

The Governor’s proposed reforms include a ten-percent income tax credit on residents' property tax bills.

"First and foremost, we need to get tax relief for all of you" Christie told the packed Southard Elementary school in Howell.

Christie also called for an end to sick leave payouts for government employees.

"We have folks who are leaving public service and getting six figure checks when they leave."

Christie compared the legislature's 736 days of inaction to other notable moments around the country.

"Remember when Tim Tebow was a Denver Bronco not a New York Jet, that was 700 days ago" Christie joked.

Other items on Christie's to-do list include ethics reform, shared services and civil service arbitration.

But Assembly Majority Leader Lou Greenwald (D-Camden/Burlington) says Christie's actions show he is no friend to New Jersey's middle class.

“If Christie is truly interested in the middle-class, he will rethink his vetoes of bills that would have, among other things:  Tripled property tax credit for middle-class homeowners, helping blunt the net 20 percent property tax hike Christie has overseen; Created jobs through the Back to Work NJ program and numerous other initiatives, and restored vital health care funding for women."

"If Gov. Christie wants to reverse his assault on the middle-class, then he’s welcome to join our ongoing fight to protect them, but the proof will be in his actions, not his slogans" Greenwald added.