Now that Jon Gruden has left Monday Night Football, the search is on as to who would replace him. Former quarterback Matt Hasslebeck apparently is being looked at. Show of hands, how many people would tune in to Monday Night Football to hear what Matt Hasslebeck has to say? Granted he's a good football analyst but the Monday night booth was intended for so much more, like say Chris Christie?

The original thought process of the Monday night team was to put together three guys who could keep an audience entertained regardless of the game. Frank Gifford, Howard Cosell, and Dandy Don Meredith did just that. People loved to hate Cosell and would rave about how Meredith would "tell him off" simply by saying "Aw Howard." They were the Beatles of announcers and would get such treatment when they rolled into town.

If you're looking for a "Cosell-ean" guy who could bring in viewers just to hear what he had to say,and be pissed off about it, look no further than Chris Christie. Like Cosell, he's a former lawyer who's not afraid to shoot from the hip. Cosell had Muhammad Ali, Christie has Donald Trump.

Christie has football knowledge and can go back and forth with the best of them. He knows how to entertain and make fun of himself. Imagine Christie in the booth for a Cowboys game. Imagine the Jersey reaction if it were a Cowboys-Giants game? Or Eagles? Imagine Chris Christie calling an Eagles Cowboys game at Lincoln Financial Field?

If you put Chris Christie in the Monday Night Football booth, add an announcer/ foil that he can play with (all the better if he's a liberal ex Giant or Eagle), and you've got a formula for success! Michael Strahan would be perfect if they could pry him loose from FOX. ABC/ Disney can also use Christie for their Sunday morning political shows as well as an ESPN political analyst.

I've mentioned this before to him after following "Ask The Governor" and he laughed, but the more I think about it, the more it makes sense.

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