Governor Chris Christie returns to our studios tonight at 7PM for this month's edition of "Ask The Governor" with Eric Scott.

It has a been a wild March for Governor Christie, since he was last in the Townsquare News Network studios.

The Governor had yet another YouTube moment at a Town Hall, when he got into with a law student over the Rutgers-Rowan merger.  The student,  who happened to also be a former Navy Seal and Democratic Assembly candidate, made Christie furious by interrupting his answer.  The incident led to the removal of the student and the Governor calling him a "idiot."

Governor Christie did not back off the comment at a later press conference, this time saying that William Brown did not have the right to act like a "jerk" just because he was a Navy Seal.

In the meantime, a tax cut debate broke between Governor Christie, Senate President Steve Sweeney, and Assembly Democrats.  While Governor Christie says that he and Sweeney's plans are similar, the Senate President has vehemently disputed that notion.

Last week,  Senate Democrats rejected Christie Supreme Court nominee, Phil Kwon, in what the Governor called "political payback."

And today a new FDU poll surveyed voters on political name-calling.  Topping the list of unacceptable terms, in voters minds, was....numbnuts.

It all sets the stage for tonight's program and what is likely to be a wild few months in New Jersey politics, leading up to budget season.

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