How much weight does one man have to lose for people to stop making fat jokes about him? You would think that if you’re going to do topical comedy that you'd keep the topics current - yet comic after comic continues to tell Governor Christie fat jokes even after he’s lost over 100 pounds, and continues to drop weight.

David Matthau, Townsquare Media NJ

This weekend at the White House Press Correspondents dinner, host Joel McHale once again took the easy way out with more Governor Christie fat jokes. At least he did mix in some Bridgegate material. It must have been nice for all those voters to see their elected officials, including their President, laughing at fat jokes.

Meanwhile, on “The Late Show”, David Letterman continues to stay on the same theme, only this time, even the Governor couldn’t take it anymore.

Jimmy Fallon, who’s “Tonight Show" continues to dominate the late night ratings, isn’t living in the past. He's added Governor Christie “thin jokes” into his routine. Maybe that's the reason why he’s dominating the late night ratings.

Anyone who’s ever been overweight knows how painful it is to be the butt of fat jokes, no matter who you are. But there should come a point when the fat jokes should stop and some credit should be given - especially when you've lost over 100 pounds.

It’s one thing to make jokes about someone when it doesn’t bother them, or at least when they make it seem like it doesn’t bother them. It’s another when they’re obviously sensitive about it, as Governor Christie clearly demonstrated in his response to Letterman.

That’s when the jokes become hurtful. And when the subject is actively trying to solve the problem, it’s undeserved.

Obesity is the number one killer in America. NBC News reports that one third of Americans are overweight and another 35 per cent are obese.

I give Governor Christie, and anyone else who took control of any weight problems they might have had, credit for overcoming them. Being an ex fat kid, I know what it’s like to have to deal with the ridicule, and no matter how much weight you lose, you’re always aware in your mind that you’re never far from being fat. No matter how skinny you may be now.

Have you ever been made fun of over your appearance? What did you do about it?