During last night's edition of Townsquare Media's "Ask The Governor" program, Governor Christie was asked about the New York Police Department's surveillance of possible Muslim terror suspects in the Garden state - without consulting law enforcement officials in Jersey.

Christie said, "I know they think their jurisdiction is the world, but their jurisdiction is New York City - so if they're going to leave their jurisdiction...it can be dangerous....what happens if we're surveilling the same people we're surveilling? We see them and we don't know that they're surveilling and that they're law enforcement- they could very well be somebody who's involved in the plot - this is the way law enforcement people get hurt or killed."

As for NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly not apologizing for the lack of communication, Christie said "of course, because he's Ray Kelly, so what are you going to do? I mean he's all knowing, all seeing...I have a record as U.S. Attorney for being as tough on terrorism as anybody...I understand we need people who are doing covert surveillance ...but my concern is why can't you be communicating with the people here in New Jersey? I just think as a general principal of law enforcement that we should be talking, cooperating with each other- and this is the whole principal- the post 9/11 principal - remember- different levels of law enforcement were not communicating with each other - so we missed things...I'm not saying they don't belong in New Jersey - they may be pursuing a case that's appropriate for them to pursue- but tell us."


The Governor then said "my concern is this kind of obsession - that the NYPD seems to have that they're the masters of the universe...I compliment them on the great work that they've done - but they're not the only law enforcement force- and if they're going to come into someone else's jurisdiction then I believe they need to be telling those folks...no one knows everything in this world in law enforcement - and the idea that we should share with people, especially when they're coming into their jurisdiction - to me is one of the real tenants and lessons from September 11th."

Governor Christie also said his state Attorney General Jeff Chiesa is investigating the situation, and the two will speak about the matter later today.