Gov. Chris Christie has run into some trouble with hecklers at his town hall sessions and it's been a hot topic. But, this is not the first time he has had to deal with some outspoken people. Check out some of the confrontations that Gov. Christie has had with protestors in the videos below. 

March 13th, 2014

This is the most recent confrontation between Christie and a heckler in Mount Laurel. After attempting to ignore the interruption, the governor finally put the man in his place by saying: 'Either sit down and be quiet, or get out.' The meeting attendees applauded as the disruptor was escorted out.

March 8th, 2012

A former Navy SEAL and Rutgers Law Student questions the Governor about Rutgers merging with Rowan, but interrupts Christie when he is trying to answer the question. Christie eventually threw the student out of the room and called him an idiot.

January 8th, 2012

A protester is heard disrupting Christie's speech at a Romney for President rally in New Hampshire. As the governor is trying to speak, you can hear chants of 'Christie kills jobs' being yelled in the background. Chris Christie responded with 'Really? Something may go down tonight but it ain't gonna be jobs, Sweetheart,' which was received with a round of applause.

May 14th, 2010

The governor put a reporter in his place after he questioned Christie about his 'confrontational tone.' He called the reporter 'the thinnest skinned guy in America,' and defended himself.

September 8th, 2010

Chris Christie fires back at Marie Corfield, a teacher who had questioned him. Christie told her that he would not answer her question after she had giggled at his responses, when he was respectful enough to listen to her concerns.

Governor Christie snaps at a teacher during a campaign stop in Somers Point (@daveweigel via Twitter)
November, 2013

This confrontation with Somers Point teacher Melissa Tomlinson on the campaign trail was photographed and tweeted by a reporter for the website Slate. Tomlinson asked Christie, "“Why are you portraying our schools as failure factories?” to which the governor turned around and snapped,  “What do you want? I’m tired of you people.” They exchanged words and Christie, wagging his finger in her face, was head to say, ” You people! Just do your job.”

It looks like the heckling of Chris Christie isn't going to stop anytime soon, but it looks like the governor is able to handle himself well in these situations.

What do you think is the most memorable confrontation that Chris Christie has had?