Here is what Deminski and Doyle are talking about on today’s show.

Some people are making fun of Dunkin Donuts for adding pork roll to their menu at certain stores in Monmouth and Ocean counties this summer. Do you take your pork roll that seriously that a chain can't do it right? Where is the best pork roll in New Jersey?

If you are a parent of a teenager, do you let them drink and have parties at home? Is this keeping things safe and making sure they don't drive or is this a bad thing to do?

Who is your pick for the famous woman that should be on the ten dollar bill?

Because of a bullying lawsuit, the issue of whether parents of bullies should be held partly responsible is going to be decided. So if a kid is getting bullied in school, is it the school's fault or the parents' fault?

Do you want to see Chris Christie as president? If not Christie, who?

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