Governor Chris Christie's re-election campaign touts his first term successes and ties them to a sense of "Jersey Patriotism" in his first television ad of the campaign.

Screen shot of Christie re-election TV commercial (YouTube)

Using a montage of images showing Christie around New Jersey,  the ad titled "Jersey Proud" talks about compromise "not being a dirty word" that resulted in 4 balanced budgets, the most state funding of education ever and "no new taxes for anyone."


The ad, which doesn't offer any specific plans or new ideas, ends by claiming the Governor has made residents say they are proud to say they are from New Jersey.

Likely Democrat opponent State Senator Barbara Buono responded to Christie's ad with an email to supporters asking for donations, noting that contributions would be matched 2 to 1 because she is receiving public matching funds.

The Christie campaign is reportedly spending $1.2 million to run the ad in both the New York and Philadelphia television markets starting Wednesday according to Politico.

Buono, has not run any commercials yet. The liberal  group One New Jersey has run ads criticizing Christie.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.