Eagles head coach Chip Kelly, at the NFL Owners meetings in Orlando addressed the trade rumors swirling around wide receiver Desean Jackson, who reportedly wanted a new contract, but he really didn’t say much even though he had an hour to do so.

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Kelly said he has spoken to Desean “My conversation with Desean is between myself and Desean so”  We've had a good conversation, and we're always going to do what's best for the football team," Kelly said. "But I think he knows where we are, and I know where he is. I feel very comfortable about it. My conversations with him aren't things I think I need to have a conversation with anyone else about."

As for the media reports Kelly said “I don’t care., My conversations with our players or how we deal with our players is we deal with them face to face, or talk to them. If someone wants to talk to the media and say different things I don’t send my message back to those guys through the media.  If he has an issue with anything, I talked to him after the season and I talked to him after that, I said come talk to us and in our conversation that never came up.”

Jackson isn’t the only Eagle being talked about in trade rumors.

Ian Rappaport of NFL.com reports the Eagles have made it known that Pro Bowl guard Evan Mathis is available via trade per a source informed of the situation.  Mathis who’s due 5.14 million dollars in 2014 has asked for a new deal.  Pro Football Talk.com reports Per a league source, the team gave Mathis permission to seek a trade weeks ago, after Mathis requested a new contract and the team opted not to give him one. So far no suitors have been found.

So is this the way the Eagles do business? If you have a career year and ask for more money, they try to trade you? Would you like to see Desean Jackson or Evan Mathis traded? If you had to lose one, which would you say goodbye to?

As a Giants fan, I’m loving watching all of this!