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1) Should the chicken lady of East Brunswick be allowed to keep her chickens? [POLL]

2) Is it possible to spend too much time playing video games. One man claims world record by playing Q*Bert for 84 hours in Hunterdon arcade. And do you think playing too many video games can lead one to commit the crimes that Adam Lanza did.

3) Cast Your Vote For the Mother of the Month. Scenario number 1…a mom was charged for hiring 2 strippers for her son’s 16 birthday party. Scenario number 2. A mother started to strip on stage during school assembly
4) Red-light Camera Class Action Settlement Will Get You $8.50. Is it Worth It?

5) Do you feel you’ve been discriminated against because you’ve been unemployed and do you feel there be a law prohibiting employers from discriminating against you for being unemployed?

7) Do you feel that schools in New Jersey should adopt a school uniform policy or should they allow kids to be “creative”? Vineland just did. How vile were yours if you went to a parochial school.

8) Competition is eliminated in a youth soccer league. They will stop keeping score, and not list the standings of the individual teams. Do you feel it’s better to eliminate scoring; or a hippy dippy approach?

9) Vote for the Facebook Douche of the Week. Scenario 1: The 2 West Deptford men charged with posting Facebook threats to shoot up Gloucester Township school…or scenario number 2…a mean upstate N.Y. mom stands by calling her son an obscenity on Facebook, and affirming it in court.

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