If it raises the blood pressure and the adrenaline, why not run with the bulls?

Sounds like the kind of thing you do as a “bucket list” item.

You say to yourself: “Oh, one thing I’d love to do before I die is ______!” What would it be?

Jumping out of an airplane? Bungie jumping?

I know I lead a pretty pedestrian life; but there’s something to be said for that.

Like, the last thing I’d want to do is die prematurely.

While it's true that I could always go outside to throw out the garbage, get hit by a wayward kid on a skateboard; and be laid up for life, but why tempt fate?

There are those few of us that are into “tripping the light fantastic,” which is the deal for this one guy from Cherry Hill.

The newspaper said Deutsch didn't immediately realize he had been gored. He took shelter when he saw the bull reverse course toward other runners rather than the bull ring.  It then charged other runners huddled on the ground near the fence, trying to protect themselves from the beast. After several tense moments, the animal was lured away and into the ring by stick-wielding cowherds.

Deutsch at that point saw he had a hole in his pants from the goring and was bleeding, and was taken on a stretcher to a hospital for treatment.

Doctors told Deutsch he received a puncture wound that was 2.54 centimeters (1-inch) deep. The goring was the first that he has received in 53 runs in Pamplona since 2004. And he was planning to run again Tuesday despite the injury.

"I am moving forward," Deutsch said in a telephone interview from Pamplona. "It's a beautiful thing watching that herd run. They are like a thunderstorm on those cobblestones. We like to say we are running with our bull brothers."

Sounds like fun, no?

“Running with our bull brothers!”

Maybe I haven’t lived but I know this has been a tradition for quite a number of years, drawing people worldwide to Pamplona. Maybe one is never too old to give it a go?

Then again, there’s something to be said for sitting on the couch with a nice glass of wine while watching a Mets game!

Ever thought of doing something that would be “on the edge?” Is it worth it to do anything risky like “run with the bulls!”