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1) Should teachers that are caught bullying autistic or special needs kids be fired?- [POLL}

2) Should the Paterson School District Superintendent be applauded for ending social promotion in his district? (What a concept!) [POLL]

3) Should the kid accused of sexually assaulting his roommate at Rutgers be given a harsher sentence? (Tell us what's wrong with this scenario, besides the obvious!)

4) Should you be able to choose the gender, race, or sexual orientation of the person you’d be more comfortable with as a roommate in college?

5) Do you feel a show like Glee will encourage kids to experiment with the gay lifestyle?

6) Would you be willing to donate your organs? (A woman on Long Island gave up a kidney to help her boss, and got fired for the effort!) [POLL]

7) What was the first item you experimented with to get high? (The new gateway drug the kids are experimenting with now is, hold your hats….hand sanitizer.)

8) If you work with the public as a cashier in a supermarket or in a Mickey D’s…or any store where you’re interacting with the public…have you ever had any unreasonable customers…and how did you deal with them?

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