You ever just see something so stupid you felt the need to share it? A friend was at a supermarket last night and came across this pathetic park job and took a picture and shared it with me. Now I'm sharing it with you. Notice there weren't even any other cars that close by, so it wasn't like this lady had to jockey into some tight space. It was empty like this when she pulled up. And this is how she decided parking should go.

There are a lot of bad parkers out there. The guy who gives five inches on one side and four feet on the other. The guy who thinks his car is so precious he angles it across three parking spaces so it won't get scratched. Which means it will usually get scratched. But this? I have no idea what the thought process was here.

Tell you what. Just for fun, if you ever see a bad park job anywhere in Jersey, take a picture and send it in to us. We won't ever show the license plate therefore won't identify the car. I'd just like to see the bad park jobs that happen every day. And if you want to remain anonymous that's fine, or if you request your name be put up with the picture you took, that's fine too.

Send your bad park job pics to