I'm going to share with you a pathetic attempt at some obvious scam that I received as a private message on Facebook over the weekend.I am taking out the last name and any contact information of this person/organization/con-artist so that no one makes the grave mistake of trying to look them up or write to them.

Hello, How are you doing ? My Name is Joy and i just saw your profile when i was browsing and i got attracted to you. i want to know your more because your profile is interesting and have draw me to you.please reply me back on this my email address (XXXXXXXXXXX@XXXXX.com) so that i can know what you said and also send you my pictures and tell you more about me. thanks and expecting your email. Joy Please reply me in this email


So I don't know if this scam is part Catfish, part Nigerian finance minister, or what. Clearly these are sent out in bulk in hopes of catching a few scant replies which then are used to, well, who knows what? Do yourself a favor an never find out.