Back in December, Kym D came in studio performing her first single "Singing My Song." The video of which was written, produced, and filmed by the staff of the hit TV show “Blue Bloods.”  Here's Kym's second single "Mercy" which she recorded in our studio.

Kym, who's real name is Kim Witkowski, grew up in Ewing Township but had a very difficult troubled childhood. "Music was my saving grace. I have used my life experiences and situations to bring out the best in myself to be where I am now in life... a mom, wife, realtor by day and singer by night."

As for "Mercy," Kym was approached by Margie Martino & Russ Ferrente of DieM out of South Philly to sing "Mercy" and the story goes from there. "I loved the song and now we are working on my very first album, one song at a time. It is about the quality not the quantity."

In the meantime, Kym says it's all about attitude. "The music business is hard to tackle but I keep my attitude uplifting, surround myself with good people, and hold myself accountable for my actions to be a positive role model. Just like my first song released in 2014 called, "Notice Me"...someone will... it's all in the timing!

Here's hoping the timing is right.

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