By Jeff Deminski

I was flying back from seeing my kids in Florida yesterday when I experienced a very entertaining flight attendant. Normally when they do any kind of routine read-it-off-the-card announcements they're robotic and all business. Not this guy. He's going through the pre-flight safety instructions they're required to do by law when he decided to have a little fun with it. Among his comments, were the following:

"In the event of a loss of cabin pressure oxygen masks will drop down automatically. To use the mask, first, stop screaming...."

"Underneath your seat you will find a flotation device to be used in the event of an oh so oxymoronic water landing...."

And at the end he wrapped it up by saying, "To those of you who paid attention to the safety instructions we thank you very much. To those who didn't pay attention, well good luck to you."

I wish I had the whole thing recorded. But since I don't, it did remind me of this flight attendant classic video. Not a flight I was on but one that went viral. It's a Southwest flight attendant who has some mad rapping skills that he decided to use during another routine announcement. Check it out.