A pair of races being held this month are paying tribute to the memory of Autumn Pasquale, who was tragically murdered in October 2012.


October 26th will serve as an Autumn Pasquale Day, of sorts, for the community of Clayton, which is still mourning the teen's death.

The two races are a collaboration between Brittany Murtha, Clayton School District, and LinMark Sports Company. Brittany's story and involvement is an interesting and touching story.

Brittany did not know Autumn Pasquale, nor is she from the town of Clayton. But when she heard the heartbreaking news about the teen's death, she was very upset and took to social media to vent about the senseless crime.

The young woman launched a Facebook page called Justice for Autumn Pasquale - Forever In Our Hearts as a way to remember Autumn and allow people to post about her. The page has over 13,000 likes.

"I really didn't necessarily think it would take off, but it was just my way of showing that I care, and then I decided to coordinate a run for her in her honor," Murtha said.

She posts at least once a day, and the entire effort has the blessing from Autumn's parents.

"They can't be more thankful for this, and I think that they know that somebody is doing this everyday for them. It's a great way to remember their daughter," she said.

Brittany is managing Race One on October 26th along with LinMark Sports Company, which is called the Autumn Pasquale Scholarship Run. The race is a typical 5K run.

"I know how running can really unite people and bring people together in positive light. And I just thought this would be a great way to remember Autumn," Brittany explained.

The second race is called the Community Color Run/Hope Run for Autumn, being managed by the Clayton School District.  Both runs take place at Clayton High School, with the events starting up at 9 a.m.

All of the proceeds from both runs go towards the Autumn Pasquale Scholarship Fund, which is run by the Clayton School District.

The runs are also designed as a way to gather the community together on a fall day and cherish the memory of Autumn Pasquale.

"My main goal with this is to show them is that the community will always come together to show them that they'll never forget Autumn," she said. "This is just honoring Autumn. It's actually three days before her birthday."

Find out all of the event details by visiting the Justice for Autumn Pasquale Facebook page, as well as the event page.

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