New language, new funding and a new commission will be added to New Jersey's toughest in the nation anti-bullying law.

The timing off the changes is crucial because the current law could be voided by the end of March.

In January, the state's Council on Local Mandates ruled the law was an unconstitutional, unfunded mandate on school districts.

Assemblywoman Valerie Vainieri Huttle, (D-Bergen), one of the bill's prime sponsors said new funding would be made available for training and to hire personnel. "Most of the training is free, but there may be some burden on local school districts who need funding and alleviate some of these so-called unfunded mandates."

New language would be added saying that combating bullying is part of the state's constitutional requirement to provide a thorough and efficient education.

The final change would be a new commission that would provide guidance to schools as they work to implement the law.

Huttle said she hopes the Legislature will approve the changes before March 27th, when the council's ruling that would void the law goes into effect.

"The clock is ticking and this would ensure that this bill remains in would protect the victims of bullying and would help educate the kids."

Huttle said she proposed the changes after talking with other legislators and the Governor's office.