Over the next few weeks, I will be crowning the the best pizza in all of New Jersey. How do we intend to do that? We've separated New Jersey into four separate pizza regions: North, central, south, and the shore. After the top two pizzerias from each region are named, we will then be visiting each establishment and opening up the voting to you.

Last weekend, we asked you for your favorite pizzerias in Central Jersey. Here are the two finalists. Federici's in Freehold and Brothers Pizzeria in Hamilton.

I look forward to taste testing the best of what these pizzerias have to offer. Now, onto our next frontier. What is the BEST pizzeria along the Jersey Shore? Remember, the Jersey Shore ranges from Sandy Hook all the way down to Cape May. That's a lot of real estate, and there are plenty of pizza joints along the way.

Which one is your favorite? Let us know on Twitter @NJ1015 or in the comment section below.

— Joe Votruba

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