So the U.S. Census Bureau has shared with us the latest chapter in the ongoing story, "The Greying of America". Now they say that more of us than ever are likely to see the age 90. The Bureau also says our 90-plus population has tripled in size since the year 1980. There are now almost two-million American age 90 or older. And the census says the 90-somethings will swell in numbers to eight-million by the year 2050. That will be two percent of the population.

These statistics beg the question, what will life be like for more and more older Americans? The bulletins from the front lately have not been very encouraging. At the risk of sounding like an old reporter, we never used to worry about these things. People worked, they grew older and they retired and were supposed to "live happily ever after". Then someone noticed that Social Security was running out of money. When the recession hit...well, even before the recession hit... a lot of people found out their retirement savings were either dwindling or just would not cut it for taking care of their later years. And we have been seeing news reports of studies suggesting our kids, you know the college grads who cannot find a decent-paying job?, more and more are being propped up by their parents who are supporting them either directly with the adult children living at home or with financial support.

It kind of sounds like a joke. You know, the doctor comes out with the results and says, "you're going to live a long life". The patient answers, "but doc, how happy will I be?" And the doctor answers, "I don't know, I'll have to refer you to a specialist".