By now you have probably seen the story of the nude-celebrity photo leak.

(Adam Radosavljevic, ThinkStock)

The celebrities include Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton Ariana Grande and many, many more. Allegedly, the photos were hacked from the cloud and then distributed on the message board.

Every time there is a nude photo scandal or videotaped sex, I think how stupid it is to ever take the photos or videos in the first place. I am NOT blaming the victims, because these photos were uploaded to private accounts and then accessed illegally, but I still think it’s stupid to create them in the first place.

Many things can happen to the photos once they’re taken and most of them are bad; is it really worth it. You may be thinking that this doesn’t affect you since you’re not a celebrity, but there are plenty of “revenge” type websites where a spurned former lover can upload them for your friends and neighbors to see. You also run the risk of having a curious workman in your house and finding them or the computer tech who is repairing your pc. I think it’s just not worth it.