"Hey, you look like Steve Buscemi!" Not exactly a compliment, and sadly, when I was thin, I did. "I get that a lot," I'd say.

So who do you get? Who are you often told you look like? We're asking listeners to send in their pictures and who they are told they resemble. We're already off to a good start. $50 will be sent to the person we feel looks most like their celebrity doppleganger. Send your photo and who you look like along with your name and contact information to dd@nj1015.com. If we add you to our photo gallery you'll be in the running for the $50 prize. We'll pick a winner on Friday May 29th so get those photos in now!

UPDATE: Congratulations to James Maher, the winner of our celebrity lookalike contest and $50.

Left: James - Right: Dave Grohl (Photo by Jo Hale/Getty Images)

You can still view all of the submissions in the gallery below.