Dennis and Judi were discussing the celebrities that they love or hate during the noon hour today. They decided to extend it out to the listeners and ask who the listeners love and hate on tv. Listeners did not disappoint with their list, of course there were a lot more hate than love but that what makes it so much fun.  Dennis and Judi extended it by saying that if you hated a celebrity enough, would you invite them to dinner, just to make fun of them, much like in the movie 'Dinner for Schmucks.'

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Dennis mentioned that one of his favorite actors was Kevin James. He also said that one of his favorite tv personalities is the 'Dog Whisperer' Cesar Millan.

Here were some of the other favorite personalities according to our listeners:

Eyewitness News Team (Channel 7 in New York)

NBC 4 Morning Team

The Cast of Jerseylicious

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Judi was extremely outspoken saying that she is totally over seeing Rachel Maddow's face on television any longer and as well as  former 'King of Queens' actress, Leah Remini.

Here is the list their listeners came up with: (notice this side is a bit longer)

Jennifer Lopez

Kathy Lee Gifford

Dina form the cast of the Jersey Shore

Anne Curry

Greg Kelly (Good Day New York)

Bill Maher

Corey - The son from the show 'Pawn Stars'

NBC TV personality Jeff Rossen

Sports reporter Andrea Kramer

Chris Matthews

The two guys in the new McDonald's commercial (you can view below)


What are some of your favorite or least favorite tv personalities? Add to the list and comment below.