By Jeff Deminski

When we've talked about huge New Jersey jackpots like record breaking MegaMillions, we've often joked about who you would hire to perform at your personal backyard concert. But it's no joke. Many celebrities really do this.

Here are just a few examples:

Want to throw your daughter the ultimate Sweet 16 party? For a mere $250,000, Usher will show up for a few minutes to sing Happy Birthday.

Jimmy Buffet or Billy Joel will perform at your private affair for $1,000,000.

To rich for your blood? How about the bargain basement price of $20,000 for Dennis Rodman to come DJ your bash.

Nicki Minaj was recently hired to perform at a private New York bar mitzvah, price unknown.

Beyonce and 50 Cent have been known to do it for significantly more than 50 cents, try $500,000 minimum.

Then there's the ones that are just sad. Do you remember Happy Days? Do you remember the guy who played 'Potsie', Anson Williams? Also do you remember William Hung, the Asian-American who gained fame by performing a terribly off-key version of She Bangs on American Idol almost a decade ago? They'll show up at your party for just $2,500.

If you had the funds available, which celebrity would you hire for a special event? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.