How much cash do you carry? Do you feel safer with just credit cards?

More and more restaurants are going cashless. In fact, earlier this month VISA has offered 50 restaurants $10,000 to end cash payments.

The argument against cash, made on the Facebook page of the soon to be cashless Flock and Foal restaurant in Las Vegas where management writes "refusing cash will serve to provide our staff with maximum security, mitigate fraud so our managers can be worry-free."

Not only that but they add in reply to a comment, they post the decision to go cashless was made in part because credit cards are cleaner, there are no worries of missing money or getting robbed, it makes for easy accounting, and lower insurance premiums. The restaurant claims the decision will allow employees to place more focus on guests and the food.

The argument for cash affects more younger or poorer people who may not have access to credit cards or prefer to carry cash.

Personally, I prefer cash. I like the feeling of having it in my pocket. I'm more apt to spend it when I do. I like being able to get what I want when I want it and not have to deal with paying for it later on. I also like the idea of no record being made of the transaction. It's none of anyone's business what I buy and when I buy it. What's in your wallet?

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