I always had some ambivalence toward motorcycles.

On one hand, I always wanted to be on top of one, at one with nature, breeze blowing in my face as the scenery of the countryside passes me by.

On the other hand, there was always the danger of either falling off into oncoming traffic, or of hang to “put the bike down” if someone were to cut you off.

That’s why, when I hear stories involving motorcycle accidents, I wonder just how safe they are, and whether or not those driving them are safer than the average car driver.

Two funeral services will be held within the next day or so for a couple of victims of motorcycle accidents.

One on Saturday for a Jersey City man who died from injuries suffered in a motorcycle crash in the Lincoln Tunnel Sunday.

And another from Garfield who died in a motorcycle accident in Paterson.

It’s likely both accidents happened because the cyclists were cut off.

But, as I’ve seen, some cyclists like to take chances and ride between lanes…go over the speed limit, and generally cause havoc. (I once mentioned a group of "rainbow ninjas" speeding past me while driving south on the Turnpike going at least 120!)

In your opinion, do you feel that motorcyclists are safer drivers than cars drivers, or the other way around?