"Car-surfing"...hanging out of a moving car or S-U-V traveling at high speed.

Teens have been killed across the country engaging in this risky behavior.

The Federal Centers for Disease Control reports 58 car-surfing deaths nationwide from 1990 to 2008. Tracey Noble of AAA Mid-Atlantic says she's not sure this foolhardy game has found its way to Jersey yet. She says, "We just cannot stress enough that a vehicle is meant for transportation. It is not a place for recreation and fun and games."

Noble says this is another example of young drivers engaging in risky behavior that often includes distracted driving that may also include texting behind the wheel. The CDC says most of the car-surfing victims counted so far have been young males. They also says police are not keeping score on the number of car-surfing victims across the country, so the information they have remains anecdotal.

As far as can be determined, most of the deaths from car-surfing have occurred in the South and the Midwest.