A new survey of car owners shows one in two heed the warnings provided by their vehicle's electronic reminder system.

Kevork Djansezian, Getty Images

The AAA survey shows six in ten owners surveyed have a built-in electronic maintenance reminder system, and better than one in three in the survey say they perform maintenance more often than the electronic reminders.

AAA spokeswoman Tracy Noble says with winter right around the corner, now is the absolute time to make sure that your car is going to be road-ready for the winter. Noble advises motorists to take extra steps to make sure their cars can handle winter's rigors.

Noble says car owners should become educated on what each maintenance alert means.

The vehicle owner's manual and/or maintenance booklet can help decipher alerts and identify required actions. Also, do not ignore the maintenance reminder system. Perform necessary maintenance when prompted by your vehicle. Ignoring alerts can increase wear and potentially cause long-term damage due to unaddressed maintenance or service issues.

Noble says drivers should have a good knowledge of what it means when those electronic reminders in their vehicles show up.