A crocodile found wandering along an Ocean Gate street yesterday is "in very good condition" and healthy, Berkeley animal control officials say.

The three-foot long reptile was discovered on East Longport Avenue and promptly removed by animal control officers.

"He either got away from someone and they won't want to reclaim him because they'll get severely fined or he just got too big for someone and they left him by the water," Berkeley Animal Control Officer Diane Laird says.

Laird says she's 95 percent sure "he or she" is a crocodile and says they have someone coming  in from NJ Fish and Wildlife to come identify the reptile.

Despite the unusual sight, Laird says it's not the most shocking animal they've had to deal with.

"We've had Burmese Albino Pythons, we've had a wallaby years and years ago," Laird says.