I know this story isn’t new, as Fark.com is posting ten  year old links today, but this is one I want to share anyway.  These are the kinds of news stories I love: poorly sourced, from overseas, and featuring cannibals. 

Credit: Jupiterimages

CNN reported that in the Philippines, wedding guests were unwittingly served human flesh at a wedding reception.  It all started when a cousin of the bride tripped and inadvertently made contact with the bride’s butt.  This apparently enraged the father of the bride who enlisted the aid of a couple of relatives to help him take the butt-toucher to some remote spot where they stabbed him to death.

The father of the bride then had them roast the man’s body in “coconut oil and kerosene."  After making one of his accomplices eat the flesh at knife point, they returned to the scene of the wedding with the barbecued man where some guests were still partying.  Lucky them.

At least some of the guests were then served human flesh and at least some of them ate it, unknowingly, of course.  The accomplice who had been made to eat the flesh at knife point later went to the police and confessed and the father of the bride and two family members who were accomplices were arrested.  Since this happened ten years ago, you would think there would be some update somewhere on what happened to the murderers, but I wasn’t able to find one.