More than 90,000 new cancer cases a year could be due to physical inactivity and prolonged periods of sitting.

 That's according to a new report by American Cancer Society researchers which cited 49,000 cases of breast cancer and 43,000 of colon cancer.

The findings come as no surprise to Natasha Coleman, Regional Vice President of the American Cancer Society of New York and New Jersey. "Activity reduces the risk not only of cancer, but of obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and Type II Diabetes all of which are risk factors for cancer."

In a study of 123,000 people, the more time people spent sitting, the higher their risk of dying early. So, if you have a desk job, Coleman suggests getting exercise in at some point during the day. "You should incorporate some type of activity either before or after work," Coleman said. "We do advocate for at least 30 minutes per day four to five days a week, so if you work it into your daily routine, that can only help."

"There are certain cancers that can be prevented and the risk reduced just based on daily lifestyle," said Coleman. More than 200 cancer studies conducted worldwide have found convincing evidence that regular physical activity reduces the risk of breast cancer, colon cancer and endometrial cancer by 25% to 30%. There also is some evidence that regular exercise also reduces the risk of lung, prostate and ovarian cancer.

"Basically if you take a brisk walk a few days a week, stop smoking and increase your nutritional intake, it makes you healthier overall" said Coleman. "The better physical health you are in, the better your chances for preventing different cancers."