As radio hosts, we always like to say that the best part of our job is giving away stuff that doesn’t belong to us, and when we have prizes to give away, you know there’s nothing more fun than New Jersey trivia. We quizzed our listeners today, and thought you might have some fun playing along too. How much do you know about the state you actually live in? Can we stump you with these?

  1. What is the Oceanside resort city that features the popular style called “Doo Wop”?
  2. In what New Jersey city was the first drive-in movie shown in 1933?
  3. How many counties are there in New Jersey?
  4. Over what town did the Hindenburg crash and burn?
  5. How many Civil War battles were fought in New Jersey?
  6. What is the name of the New Jersey state bird?
  7. What is the name for the steep cliffs on the lower west side of the Hudson river in NJ?
  8. What city hosted the first America pageant in 1921?
  9. NJ is the leading U.S. producer of what agricultural product (vegetable)?
  10. What is the Oldest seaside resort in NJ?


  1. Wildwood
  2. Camden
  3. 21
  4. Lakehurst
  5. Zero! (0)
  6. Eastern Goldfinch
  7. Palisades
  8. Atlantic City
  9. Eggplant
  10. Cape May

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