Whether you think we need to help people out or not, redistributing wealth isn't going to solve New Jersey's fiscal problem. We need to start reigning in New Jersey's government.

All the guys that want to be your governor want to increase taxes in one capacity or another; it makes me crazy. So as we anticipate New Jersey's November election, I asked our listeners to share their ideas for keeping government from spending too much.

"We can't afford to have over 600 school districts in New Jersey," said Susan, a Monmouth County teacher. Susan said she believes the best way to cut spending is by consolidating these into county districts.

Karen in Piscataway said she lived in California for 22 years, where her tax dollars went to supporting illegal immigrants. She asked why we don't address the illegal immigration problem, and also have people just contribute to private retirement funds like 401ks rather than pensions.

Jack from Upper Freehold said the state will probably never change. "As soon as Christie leaves, we'll have Sweeney or someone else come in and raise taxes."

What's your suggestion for reigning in government spending? Share thoughts below or on Twitter with @nj1015 and @BillSpadea.

Bill Spadea is host of the Chasing News TV program. He periodically fills in for NJ 101.5 show hosts, and you can daily hear his opinion about all things New Jersey here, or by tweeting @BillSpadea.