Listener, Linda from Roxbury, called in this morning to Jim's show to discuss the meeting that took place in her town regarding the landfill that has caused a possible hazard for town residents.

Fenimore dump site in Roxbury (Roxbury Environmental Action CoaliTion via Facebook)

Linda from Roxbury, called in to Jim's show this morning to discuss the meeting last night about the problem with the local landfill. A representative from the EPA was on hand to answer questions and address the crowd as to how the state plans to handle the stench and overall poor air quality in the surrounding areas of the Fenimore Landfill.


Bob Williams, our own traffic reporter attended the meeting last night as well, and discussed his thoughts on the atmosphere.


Tracy called in from Roxbury called in soon after to further discuss the meeting and how she sent a letter to President Obama's office, asking for assistance with the landfill as well. You can listen to the interview below.


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