Gamers are very passionate about the games they play. And it’s not unusual for gamers to sit for hours at a time playing whatever game hits their fancy.

I remember all the buzz surrounding the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, which incidentally, has been heavily discounted by Best Buy in anticipation of the release of Grand Theft Auto V.

However all is not necessarily coming up roses in the world of GVA.

“Grand Theft Auto V” isn’t stealing the top-selling title from “Call of Duty.”
Take-Two Interactive’s GTA V, which went on sale Tuesday, will be one of the top games of all time, with the potential to sell 24 million units in its lifetime, according to Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter.

Nevertheless, analysts do not expect GTA V to surpass Activision’s “Call of Duty: Black Ops,” with estimated life-to-date sales of as much as 28 million since its debut in 2010.
GTA V, reportedly the most expensive game to make and market at $265 million, is at a disadvantage because of timing, analysts said.

New Microsoft and Sony game consoles are due to hit before the holidays and will likely eat into gamers’ budgets. The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will go on sale in November.

The entire video-game industry is also feeling the pressure from tablets and smartphones, which offer cheaper online games.

In a head to head contest, GTA V — the first game in the violent and controversial franchise since 2008 — is still expected to outsell Activision’s upcoming installment of its “Call of Duty” franchise. Wedbush’s Pachter predicts “Ghosts” will sell 22 million when it goes on sale in November.

Meanwhile, the GTA V frenzy is in full swing, with an almost criminal-level of demand. In the UK, one gamer was assaulted and robbed of his new copy of the game within minutes of buying it.

Passion for the product – or in this case, products such as GVA and Call of Duty.

Which do you prefer – GVA or Call of Duty?