My social experiment has come to an end. For 72 hours this week I drove absolutely by the book, just to see how obeying every last NJ traffic law to the 't' would mesh with the way people in the Garden State really drive.

The results were far scarier than I thought they'd be. I am NOT advocating reckless driving. All I'm saying is, going with the flow has proven FAR safer than these past three days of full compliance. Are the speed limits set too low, or is the 5 mph leniency buffer most police officers allow enough? Should the two year old crosswalk law which led to decoy cops in crosswalks fundraising activities be repealed? I'll leave all that to you. But here are the results driving perfectly within the law got me...

  • Being angrily honked at: 6 times
  • Being tailgated: 9 times
  • Flashed by high beams: 5 times
  • Obscenities yelled: 3 times
  • Obscene gestures made: 3 times
  • Being passed illegally: 5 times
  • Having something thrown at my car: 1 time

Now if you'll kindly excuse me, I'm going to go back to driving like a real New Jerseyan again.