Chick-fil-A has been making headlines lately for its views against gay marriage. The restaurant is receiving so much attention for its views and today, the public was able to weigh in on the topic.

Word was being spread that at noon, a protest was going to happen at all Chick-fil-A's across America. Naturally, this grabbed our attention, so Promotions Coordinator Dan Specht and I ventured off to the fast food restaurant in Hamilton to see what was going on.

We expected a bunch of protestors lined around the building, yelling and picketing in order to stop people from buying food. What we saw was just the opposite...

We pulled into the parking lot and had to drive around twice just to find a parking spot. The place was PACKED. There was even a line at the U-Turn to get into the plaza. The line for the drive thru circled around the restaurant and the line for food inside went out the door. Dan had called into Dennis and Judi to explain what was going on.

Some supporters of the fast food chain were very opinionated and comments such as "The constitution is alive and well," and "Looks like we couldn't stop them," were made. I also heard other customers in line discussing their values with one another. One patron told me that just a half an hour earlier a group of people had come in and left saying "we tried," but it was unclear as to what this group was supporting.

After witnessing the crowd and hearing their views, we concluded that the point of the protest was more about supporting the restaurant if you agree with its views about gay marriage, rather than our original thought of opposers boycotting the business.

One thing is for sure, it was an incredibly busy day for Chick-fil-A in Hamilton and it's probably unlikely that they suffered any loss in business.

Here are some pictures of what we saw: