With changes coming To NJ’s Anti-Bullying measures…such as a million dollar set-aside for those districts that don’t have enough funds to implement it…do you feel we still place too much of the burden on our schools to parent our kids?

I still think we do, especially since this will burden the schools and teachers with more paperwork than they now already have.

The new measure provides $1 million for the anti-bullying fund which schools can access through a grant process once they’ve shown that they’ve exhausted every free mechanism already available.

The measure also sets up a 7-member task force to take a closer look at the law.

Here's the conundrum! Schools are the focal point for communities to come together and try to solve issues concerning our kids. If not in the schools, then where?

But again, it still comes back to the inordinate burden we place on schools. Teach our kids, feed our kids (in some cases); and protect them from each other!

However, is it "inordinate" when kids' lives are at stake.

The trailer you're about to see for the movie "Bully" should be one of those that every school in the state should take their student bodies to see. Perhaps it will help send the message home that bullying won't be tolerated; show the effects of bullying on families; and save some time and money in the process.

A silver bullet? Probably not!

But then every effort counts.

Check out the trailer, and take the poll below.