The Westminster dog show proved that bulldogs are hot in New Jersey. In fact, they are giving the Labrador a run as most popular dog. points out that 2013 AKC data states the English bulldog is the number 1 breed in both Essex and Hudson counties.

Personally, I’ve always preferred the personalities of mixed breeds. I’ve been fortunate enough to have had two of the best dogs ever: Abbey and Ziggy. Abbey was a cross between a besanji and Labrador. Abbey didn’t bark much but was extremely lovable and could take care of herself on the street. Ziggy was part Austrailian Cattle dog and part terrier with a huge smile and thirst for mischief.

Soon it will be time to get my boys a dog, and I hope I have the same run of luck that I had with these two who each gave me 13 beautiful years. What’s your favorite breed of dog? Which would you recommend for children?