Today in New Jersey’s First News:

Call it the Buffalo double blast. Western New York already is trying to dig itself out of nearly 6 feet of snow. And now forecasters say more snow is coming Thursday, up to 3 feet more. Gov. Andrew Cuomo is calling the double pounding of lake-effect snow "an extraordinary situation." the first storm came in so fast and furious over Lake Erie early Tuesday that it trapped more than 100 vehicles along a 132-mile stretch of the new york state thruway, which remained closed Wednesday. And the storm is blamed for at least seven deaths in the area.

President Obama will address the nation tonight, then sign an executive order that essentially grants amnesty to millions of illegals in the U.S.  The president is going around congress with his measures and it sets up the first big fight with the new republican majority.

A ruling is expected soon in Monmouth County on whether a lawsuit can continue against the pledge of allegiance. The suit, targeting the Matawan-Aberdeen regional school district, claims the pledge is discriminatory against non-religious students.

Two children, a 13-year-old boy and a 12-year-old girl, have been reported missing in Ocean County early Thursday, according to authorities, who say they are believed to be runaways. A search is being conducted in Barnegat, between Ravenwood Boulevard and the Parkway Trail.

Do you remember that McDonalds worker in south Jersey was caught on video savagely beating another woman in front of her little boy?  25-year old Latia Harris has been indicted in the attack.  She had claimed the victim was talking trash about her before the attack.

If you take a close look at your utility bill you'll see you're paying a societal benefits fee, but you won't see how much it is. There are other charges lumped together in your bill too and new legislation would require utility companies to tell you exactly what you're paying for.

The Columbus farmers market will be open today for outside vendors.  The buildings remain closed after this weeks fire but the owners say some of those buildings could reopen soon.  The big red barn was destroyed by fire but it looks like the remaining buildings are mostly ok.

The former defensive coordinator for Sayreville high school is now indicted on steroid charges.  Charlie Garcia was arrested when steroids were found during a traffic stop.  That was just days before the sexual hazing scandal broke.  Despite the indictment, Garcia could avoid jail time by entering a pre-trial intervention program.

When it comes to equality in the workplace, New Jersey is faring pretty well according to the corporate equality index that's bee released by the human rights campaign.

A Toronto company is abandoning plans to buy the failed revel casino.  Revel had it's own power plant and there was a dispute over who would own that, that sunk the deal.  The company had offered to buy revel for 110-million.  There is a report a Florida developer is still interested in buying revel.

Plans are moving forward to close the Taj Mahal.  As union members were marching on the casino, the company posted notices alerting customers of the coming shutdown and comparing the union leader to Russian dictator Joseph Stalin.

A federal judge will hear arguments for and against sports betting in New Jersey.  Pro sports leagues are trying to stop it.  The governor signed an executive giving casinos and horse tracks permission to accept sports bets.

It is every parents worst nightmare. A new and deadlier form of heroin is on the streets.

TV Land has stopped airing reruns of the Cosby Show.  It's the latest fallout from the growing number of sexual assault allegations surfacing against the legendary entertainer.  Cosby wont talk but his lawyer calls the allegations made up.

Meanwhile, Cosby did comment on the record in an interview a few weeks ago.  He has since asked that his comments not be used...but we have that interview for you as part of the exclusive content you'll find at

The future of an animal shelter in Helmetta remains very much in doubt this morning.  Amid reports of deplorable conditions and pending animal cruelty charges, the New Jersey ASPCA wants to take over shelter operations. If Helmetta officials don’t grant their request, they will go to court.  This has been a volatile issue politically for local officials and the ASPCA says that's distracting from the proper care of the animals who need it.

A New Jersey man who said he communicated with President Obama telepathically and the two had an appointment, has agreed to mental health treatment.  Kevin Carr of Shamong, drove his car onto the White House grounds.  If he completes treatment, the charges against him will be dropped.

The truth is we'll never eliminate drunk driving altogether, but research would suggest there is growing awareness about the dangers of getting behind the wheel while intoxicated.

A shooting suspect was quickly corralled in Newark by an officer on horseback.  Shot were fired in the city last night.  One person was hit.  The guy almost got away on foot when the equestrian officer ran him down on horseback.

Have you ever been duped by an offer to get something for free, but you wound up paying plenty? A lot of people have and that's why there's a new bill in New Jersey that would crack down on dubious advertisers.

There's an unprecedented need for food and turkey donations this Thanksgiving.

WEATHER from chief meteorologist Dan Zarrow:

TODAY... A few clouds. Breezy. Highs 38-47

TONIGHT... Cold, with a chance of a light snow shower. Lows 21-27

TOMORROW... Mostly sunny. Highs 34-39

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