Today's "From The Newsroom" is coming at you a bit later today because of an extended day at the State House.


  • A Democratic budget plan heads to the desk of Governor Christie after today's agreement and passage by both houses.
  • The Governor has threatened a "summer session" for lawmakers without a promised tax cut attached to the budget.
  • Recent figures show that most New Jerseyans are priced out of being able to run for office.
  • Budget gaps are forcing many towns across the state to either cut out holiday fireworks displays or ask for donations to fund them.
  • A gaming expert questions aspects of the new "DO AC" marketing campaign.
  • Kelly Waldron examines how kids can combat summer learning loss.
  • A new breed of fake id's pose major security threats.
  • This week's "What's So Great About The Garden State" highlights the work of Bryan's Dream Foundation.

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The weekend poll asked if you ever swim at beaches without lifeguards present.  25% said yes, 59% no, and 16% said just sometimes.




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