It happened the other night to a Budd Lake man. The 26 year old decided to enjoy a smoke while filling up a leaf blower with gasoline. What could possibly go wrong? Oh yeah, that. While briefly placing his burning cigarette on the ground, the gas can and leaf blower caught fire. So did his legs. By the time a police officer got there the man had extinguished the flames but was found with burns on both legs. He was eventually flown to St. Barnabas Medical Center for treatment.

I've seen gas station attendants in New Jersey, where it is illegally to pump our own gas because it would be 'too dangerous', smoking cigarettes as they pumped gas. I once saw a guy who was working on replacing my gas tank, with my car up on the lift, standing beneath it smoking a cigarette. Hey fella, can I get you an oxygen tank while you're at it?

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