Here is what Deminski and Doyle are talking about on today’s show.

An 84-year old man has been indicted on charges he knowingly drove away after a fatal hit and run with a bicyclist in Howell last year. An investigation found clear evidence that this man was indeed guilty, including newspaper taped to the garage windows to hide damage to the vehicle consistent with the fatal collision. Would you throw the book at him or do you have sympathy for him because of his age?

Jeff is upset that he was never able to see B.B. King in concert. King is reportedly receiving home hospice care after suffering a heart attack. What concerts are on your bucket list?

There's a Red Flag Warning today for high fire danger. According to our meteorologist Dan Zarrow, there is not only an increased danger of wildfires igniting, but also that any fire will be difficult to extinguish. Especially on a day like today, how much do you hate people who throw cigarette butts out the window?

New Jersey ranks 8th for theft of cars with keys left inside. Do you leave your keys inside your car? How about leaving your front door unlocked?

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