Requests to AAA Mid-Atlantic for roadside assistance climbed to record numbers in January as motorists were left crippled by snow and batteries couldn't handle the frigid temperatures.

Tom Lynn, Getty Images

The auto club, which serves four million members in a handful of states, saw its emergency roadside assistance volume top 222,000, shattering the previous record month of December 2010 by nearly 16,000.

Up from an average volume of 5,900 calls per day last January, last month's average daily number hit nearly 7,200.

“With February picking up where January left off, drivers should make sure their vehicles are prepared with proper levels of antifreeze, a strong battery, and plenty of windshield washer fluid,” said Tracy Noble, spokesperson for AAA Mid-Atlantic. “Also keep an emergency kit in the trunk should you run into any problems during your commute. Careful preparation is the key to weathering the wrath of Old Man Winter.”

The top three reasons for roadside assistance:

  • Tows (81,954)
  • Battery (73,562)
  • Tires (34,618)